img2QR use own unique algorithm, It can fuse the QR Code into the picture, like adding mosaic on it, which can improve people's visual impact on the QR code and the rate of scanning, and bring higher commercial value. img2QR QR Code can be used as anti-counterfeit labels of goods, give the pictures watermark, and create advertising posters, etc. Because of the use of the world's first technology algorithm, it is difficult to be copied with unique features.

The use of steps: 

1. Select a Qr code type, such as URL, IMAGE...

2. Upload a image as the background image of the QR code

3. Click "Generate QR Code" button

Why can't scan the QR code after generating?

Please raise the rate of recognition in the settings. Sometimes the preview image can't be scanned, but the original image can.

What is the QR Code version?

The larger the version of the QR Code is, the smaller the particles are after generation, a bit like a mosaic.

What is the Mode in options?

White background image suggests using the mode one, black background image the mode two, and please test the mode three by yourself.

How to download the generated original image?

Please click [Download] button, if it can not download, please upgrade your account.

or please click [Save] button in the preview box, and it can view and download in [My Qr code].

What is the size of preview QR Code image?

It's 800px*800px.

How many minutes can I preview the created qr code image?

It's 30 minutes, it will expire in 30 minutes before you save it!