QR Code Menu : How to make Restaurant Menu QR Codes

QR Code Menu : How to make Restaurant Menu QR Codes

Ever wonder how you can make a menu QR code for your restaurant, bar or café resto?
The emergence of “no-touch” menus through scanning QR codes has been infiltrating among restaurants and bars industry globally. 
To fight off the COVID-19 pandemic disease, restaurant owners have opted to go digital to ensure customers’ safety as they get back to their operations.  
Now that bars and restaurants have resumed in the Post COVID 19 lockdown, major changes in the usual operations have also changed. 
Regulations have been made when it comes to dine-in accommodation, and social distancing practice continues to be observed among these businesses to avoid virus contraction. 
One of the ways restaurants and bar industry are safely reopening, is through transforming their menus contactless to mitigate virus spread that goes through multiple hand menu exchanges that can potentially cross-contaminate. 
Furthermore, you can even use QR code this Black Friday season to ensure safe shopping spree amidst COVID-19 while boosting your sales! 

What is a Menu QR Code?

A digital menu QR code is an online menu that allow diners to scan and access the digital menu that will be displayed on their smartphone devices once scanned.

How to create a Menu QR code

1)First, log in to your Img2qr account. 

2)Upload your menu PDF file from your computer with our QR code Generator

3)Or upload your menu image file

4)Select an background image for QR Code

5)Start make